Dynamic Facilitation e.V.

Moving mountains together

Our objective: Make moderation method Dynamic Facilitation & Wisdom Council Process known in its various applications and ensure its quality.

It is the attitude that makes Dynamic Facilitation (DF) so special. It is about providing an open space in which genuine togetherness can develop. If the space is held well, creative solutions to common challenges emerge through the wisdom of the many.

As an association, we aim to raise awareness of Dynamic Facilitation and its associated attitudes through events, networking meetings and publications.

We are also particularly interested in establishing Dynamic Facilitation as a special method of co-creation – namely Choice-Creating – and transformation support, e.g. in Wisdom Council Processes or Citizens’ Councils.

We practice and teach Dynamic Facilitation. The aim is to promote constructive and sustainable communication for a new understanding of democracy in groups, companies and organizations and in society as a whole.

Furthermore, we are in close and friendly partnership with Dynamic Facilitation Associates and Jim Rough, the founder of the method. Together we promote the training and qualification of interested parties and provide a platform for a comprehensive exchange of experiences.

Learn more about the facilitation method Dynamic Facilitation and its possible applications, e.g. citizens’ councils.

In the association’s calendar, you will find events and dates pertaining to Dynamic Facilitation, such as trainings, practice evenings and impulse workshops.

Find out about the various activities of the association and membership.


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