Dynamic Facilitation Network

Dynamic Facilitation e. V. sees itself as a competence network and offers an information and exchange platform for all those who are interested in Dynamic Facilitation or use DF and Wisdom Council Process or similar methods.

The association is in close contact with the following partner institutions:

Here you will find information and examples where Citizens’ Councils have been successfully implemented with Dynamic Facilitation, namely in Vorarlberg, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

The CenterforWise Democracy offers a range of social innovations that make it easier for “We the People” to make breakthrough progress on society’s most-pressing, seemingly impossible problems.

The team of the Office for Voluntary Engagement and Participation (FEB) supports volunteers, citizens and communities in Vorarlberg with a wide range of initiatives and projects, and for many years also with Citizens’ Councils.

The Dynamic Facilitation Associates are an international network of organizational change consultants trained in Dynamic Facilitation and able to support individuals, groups, organizations and systems in transformation.