What is Dynamic Facilitation?

Dynamic Facilitation (DF) is a facilitation method that supports small and medium-sized groups (up to about 50 people) to arrive at solutions that are often unexpected, amazingly creative or particularly sustainable and of transformative power for all participants. Even out of seemingly unsolvable problems or conflicts, completely new paths can emerge.

The Dynamic Facilitation facilitator achieves this by creating a space of unconditional safety and appreciation for each participant. Through an attitude of deep interest in everything that wants to be expressed and extremely focused listening, he or she inspires the whole group to listen attentively, enables the speakers to explore more deeply as they speak, and thereby awakens the wealth of possibilities that lie hidden in the group.

Concerns, resistance, and strong feelings, which are otherwise often perceived as disturbing in group processes, are valuable and welcome here. They often prove to be decisive impulses for a sustainable solution.

In addition to the facilitator’s approachable attitude, DF formally requires a simple and clear setting. This essentially consists of four topic headings under which all the contributions of the participants are recorded. This makes the process of the group comprehensible and turns it into a common story and thus into a further source of insight and growth.

Dynamic Facilitation enables:

  • Breakthroughs in the form of new solutions, new questions more community, self-efficacy.
  • Finding the “real right & important” questions
  • Consensus and team building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Spurts of creativity