For whom is the Citizens’ Council suitable?

Citizens’ Councils are conducted for a specific target group, on a specific topic, or in different spatial settings.

In principle, they can be initiated by anyone. This means citizens at all levels, initiatives and groups, organizations and associations, and of course politicians, i.e. those responsible at the municipal and city level, at the district level or at the federal state, national or international, even global level can initiate one.

Some cities and municipalities already have participation statutes or guidelines that enable citizens to initiate a citizens’ council in a very uncomplicated way.

Otherwise, a participation procedure can be applied for in a municipality by means of a residents’ application. The decision is then made by the city or municipal council. At the regional or state level, citizens’ councils are usually initiated by the relevant authorities.

Target-group specific composition:

  • Teenagers
  • Older
  • Mothers
  • etc.

Sample topics

  • Infrastructure projects
  • Future of energy
  • Future of agriculture
  • Expansion of childcare
  • Neighborhood management
  • Village renewal
  • etc.

Site-specific design

  • Local
  • Regional
  • Nationwide