Who is behind the association?

Since its foundation in 2018, numerous people have become members of Dynamic Facilitation e.V. who share our desire to bring more of Dynamic Facilitation, Wisdom Council Process and its attitude into the world. We are joined by facilitators, HR professionals, democracy enthusiasts, engineers, landscape architects, organizational developers, lawyers, doctors, executives, management consultants, climate change activists, citizens, and others interested in DF who want to shape their environment in a new way.

You can also become a member as a non-profit organization or company and therefore benefit from the concentrated know-how of our members.

We are happy about all people who

  • Live the DF attitude
  • Want to make a difference with DF
  • Want to contribute to a more understanding and democratic coexistence
  • Who want to know if there is another way to do it
  • Want to create the “we” qualities