Vision & Mission

Our vision

We live in a society of togetherness characterized by the following aspects:

  • Integration (instead of agitation and mutual devaluation)
  • Confidence (instead of resignation)
  • Interest (instead of ignorance)
  • Openness (instead of exclusion)
  • Joy (instead of frustration)
  • Benevolence (instead of condemnation)
  • Rest (instead of stress)
  • Solution orientation (instead of conflict)
  • Connectedness (instead of separation)
  • Listening (instead of listening away)
  • Act (instead of hesitate)
  • Caring (instead of irresponsibility)
  • With each other (instead of against each other)
  • Participation (instead of paternalism)
  • Appreciation (instead of belittling)
  • Transformation (instead of holding on)
  • Wideness (instead of narrowness)

We at Dynamic Facilitation e.V. are space-givers and courage-makers for new things, creativity and change.

Our mission

We want to:

  • Contribute to create a society of togetherness
  • Bring the wisdom of the many together to find creative solutions to common challenges
  • Set new impulses for the development of social and individual potential

Our goals:

  1. Make Dynamic Facilitation & Wisdom Council Process (Citizens Council) known, understood and accessible.
  2. Practice Dynamic Facilitation and living the Dynamic Facilitation attitude mentioned above.
  3. Ensure quality of Dynamic Facilitation & Wisdom Council Process