The Association

The association Dynamic Facilitation e.V. – Miteinander Berge versetzen (Moving Mountains Together) was founded in 2018 by eleven DF-enthusiasts in Munich and has set itself the goal of making the Dynamic Facilitation method and the associated attitude known in Germany and Europe through events and publications.

We want to practice Dynamic Facilitation and make it available to as broad a group of people as possible. The aim is to promote constructive and sustainable communication for a new understanding of democracy in groups, companies and organizations and in society as a whole.

Our objective is to ensure the quality of Dynamic Facilitation in its various applications.

In addition, we are in close and friendly partnership with Dynamic Facilitation Associates and Jim Rough. Together we promote the training and qualification of interested parties and provide a platform for an overarching exchange of experiences.

Our understanding of the association does not correspond to a pyramid structure with a board “at the top” and the members “at the bottom”, but rather to that of a district organization: We work together on the content-related topics at eye level and shape the association together.

According to the attitude of Dynamic Facilitation, we as an association are independent and non-partisan.

The DF e. V. offers …

… A competence network

Dynamic Facilitation e. V. sees itself as a competence network and offers an information and exchange platform for all those who are interested in DF or who use Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council Processes or similar methods.

… Education and training

Dynamic Facilitation e. V. provides an overview of qualified training and further education in the field of Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council Processes in Europe. Providers are welcome to contact us with their offers.

… Events to DF

Through the DF e. V., lectures and impulse workshops can be booked on topics such as Wise Democracy, citizen participation with Wisdom Council Processes, … Providers of such events are welcome to use the platform of the Dynamic Facilitation e. V. for publication, please contact us!