Learn Dynamic Facilitation

Learning Dynamic Facilitation means learning both a technique and an attitude. The attitude is picked up by observing Dynamic Facilitation in action and reflecting on it. The technique is picked up by practicing Dynamic Facilitation, but also by observing how others facilitate in this way.

In a three-day seminar, participants learn the most important elements of Dynamic Facilitation, Wisdom Council Process and Citizens’ Council. They experience DF and its effects in an exemplary way, practice it themselves, exchange ideas and thus dive deeply into what makes DF so special, also in comparison to other methods.

These three days are essential for a solid start. Through the wealth of experience and observation of oneself and others, one assimilates the principles of Dynamic Facilitation.

The learning does not stop after these three days. Further practice sessions or a seminar with another trainer support the process.

You can find the current seminar dates here:

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